Slow Science

Smart indie-punk-rock from London, Slow Science certainly know how to pin a bloody tune!

Slow Science - it's a story we've all heard a million times: an incestuous cluster of ex and current bands, members of which had played together before, were still playing together or just wanted to play together.

It was autumn 2010 and the timing was right. Paul (guitar) and Jon's (vocals/guitar) band Serf Combat had just broken up as had Stacey's (bass) band, Instruments. Al (drums) had left The King Blues. Getting together with a rich history of having also played in the likes of The Filaments, Black Tax and Heroic Doses, the idea was simply to write "big tunes".

By January 2011 a demo/ep, 'You're Welcome.' was written and recorded with John Hannon (Capdown, Five Knuckle etc). Five tracks of upbeat, sing along, melodic, anthemic, indie infused, grunge driven, dual vocaled, punk rock. Described as being somewhere "between a trendy gruff band and late 90s Britrock", the ep showed off the bands musical prowess with wailing solo's and intricate song structures, whilst all the time staying true to the ethos of catchy songs and riffs galore!

When we heard the EP for the first time, we were floored. Seeing Slow Science live on a subsequent UK tour pushed us through the floor and into the basement below! We straight away got them to play the 2012 Leeds NYNS all-dayer, the band did not disappoint!

Since then Slow Science have struggled with gigs due to other commitments - three quarters of the band also playing in the excellent Axes (Big Scary Monsters) and Human Pyramids - but we decided it was worth the punt to get them on Bombed Out regardless for their debut release proper. Bands this good really don't come along every week!

Said release will take the form of a soon to be released split 12" record with The Dauntless Elite, a number of gigs featuring both bands are also in the planning.

Absolutely chuffed to have them on board!

Al - drums & vocals
Jon - guitar & vocals
Paul - guitar
Stacey - bass & vocals


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