Form Samples – try them ...

The content for a number of these forms has been kindly supplied by clients to reproduce as examples
with Forms on the Fly branding.

When you try out these forms, you will be asked for brief contact details, please be assured this is simply part of the demo – your details will not be used for any purpose whatsoever and, unless you specifically ask for Forms on the Fly to contact you, you will not receive any follow up emails (you are welcome to fill in dummy information) .

Sales, marketing & SUPPORT FORMS

formProposal form – for Forms on the Fly

form Registration form – for a Puppy Class

formFeedback form – for a Coaching Course

QUIZZES TO ENTERTAIN & engage visitors

form Try our fitness test

form Women's online magazine quiz – What type of DIY-er are you?

form Test Your Management Skills (quiz)

form Personality test – Are you a creative type?

form Time for a light bulb moment?

questionnaires, ASSESSMENTS & diagnostics FOR Professional Services

form WEIGHT THERAPIST – Diagnostic

form Pre-consultation business diagnostic – Business Health Check

form Tax Busting Checklist for Personal Planning

form Teaser quiz – What type of organisation do you work for?

form Coaching questionnaire – Your Vision


form E-learning tool – Operant Conditioning Module

form Knowledge test – Could you be a Rocket Scientist?


  • Save time & money

  • Build one-stop lead generation tools

  • Find out what your customers and prospects want

"A unique and extremely effective tool."
Nigel Harris, AccountingWeb

"People want to be active online, and a quiz is a great engagement tool." The Make It and Mend It Team