My first form

JUST EIGHT SHORT STEPS to publishing your first form

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Create A simple quiz form

Step 1 – creating a new form

You have three choices for creating forms:

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Click on Forms and then the Create button which will bring up the New Form box. Here you decide on your form's properties.

Now click Create Form ...

Step 2 – editing your form
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... in order to access the Form Editor. All we're going to concern ourselves with for this example are the Add Questions buttons.

Users with Pro accounts may also define required questions (ie must be answered) and randomise the questions to be delivered.

Step 3 – add a question

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Step 4 – add interactive advice

Now for the fun bit – where you provide comment or advice to your respondent dependent on the choice they make.

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Step 5 – proofing and saving


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You'll now see your question in the editor. If you want to amend it, just click on the edit icon to the right.

For this one question form, all we now need to do is to set up the report that will be viewed when the form is submitted. (Of course, most of your forms will have more than one question.)

At this point we suggest you Save your form (always a good idea to do this regularly so you don't risk losing a lot of work if your connection should fail, or you're interrupted). You'll remain in the editor until you decide to Close it.

Now, click the Output button - this is where you will set up the report to be viewed by your site visitor when they submit the form.

Step 6 – define the report to be output

When you open the Output dialog box, you will be offered a number of choices. For this form we are going to add a short introduction and just include the 'Advice' we set up (in step 4).

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Tick the box next to Include Introduction and type your intro.

We don't want to show the question and answers given, so untick those options. (Leave 'Incude this Section' ticked or your report won't include anything at all!)

Now click Update which will take you back to the Form Editor. Click Save and then Close.

Step 7 - testing your form

Your saved form will be accessible (for testing, editing, publishing etc) when you click the Library button.

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There are various ways to test your form:

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Step 8 - publishing your form

Find your form in your Library of forms (probably the only one listed so far).

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Ok, now you've published your form, people have been using it on your website, and you'd like to see what they've said or done. Let's sort out a little Forms on the Fly terminology:

Reports > Respondents

From here you can view the feedback report as seen by each individual respondent when they submitted your form.

The report you build for your forms may be a simple 'thank you' or include a great deal more content, scores and graphs. By going to Reports > Respondents you can, if you wish, view the report as it was seen by each individual respondent.

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Forms > In Use

In this area you will see a list of all the forms you've individually assigned to a contact AND those you Unlock in the Form Reports area. More on assigning forms to a contact to use in your account or to email

If you want to view or edit the data input to an individual form, you access it from here.

You can only see which forms have been submitted from your web page by viewing them in the Respondents area. If you wish to view the data input to a form completed on the web (rather than the report it generated), you need to Unlock it which will make it accessible to you in Forms In Use.


To view all your contacts – including those who have added themselves by filling in their details when they submitted one of your web forms – click on the Contacts tab. You can also export all your contacts from here to use for email marketing or other purposes.

Reports > Answers (aggregated reports by form / campaign)

Only available in Pro accounts. Here you can download aggregated reports of all data submitted every time a form is used. The CSV download may be opened in Excel.


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try out the form

Try out the simple quiz you can create with the instructions on the left

This quiz only has one question, but if you spend a couple of minutes following the instructions, you'll already know much of what you need to learn to set up your own quizzes and questionnaires with as many questions as you care to include.


Branding for your account, forms and reports

Create a simple quiz form

Publish a form

Forms with scoring and a graph

Viewing reports

Viewing, sorting and editing contacts

Assigning forms (to use in your account or to email to a contact)