Managing contacts and other admin

Using contacts with forms you've created

Whether you're using Forms on the Fly to's worth spending a couple of minutes looking at this contacts tutorial. It will show you how you can use contacts in conjunction with your forms to email a link, to view who's used a form, and so on. For more detail on importing, exporting and other features, please read the manual or the information in the contextual Help system available in your account.

For integration with CRM, email marketing or other applications, please contact us.

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Viewing, Sorting and Editing Your Contacts

Clicking the Contacts tab will take you to a list of all the contacts in your account, whether you've added them manually, imported them or they've submitted one of your published forms with their contact details.

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To view or edit company or individual contact details

Click on the Company or Name link in the list.

To filter or search your list

By default, all your Contacts will be listed. To filter or search for one contact, simply put all or part of the Company or Name in the search box (just above the Category column). To view all again, leave the search box blank and click the search icon.


If you have chosen to categorise your contacts by 'Client', 'Prospect' or 'Other' you can sort by Category. For contacts not categorised in this way, the field will be blank.

The Forms column

This will show you the number of forms completed (submitted) by a contact. If you choose to Assign a form to a contact (see below) you will also see the number of forms assigned but not yet submitted.
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Assigning Forms (to use in your account or to email to a contact)

Instead of (or as well as) publishing forms on the web, you can fill them in within your account on behalf of a contact, or email a contact with a link to a private form on a page hosted by us.

Why might you want to do this?

The following are just some examples of the way Forms on the Fly questionnaires and diagnostics are used, other than on the web:

Assigning a form to a contact

Go to Forms > Library , select the form to use and click Assign

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This displays a dialog box where you can choose which contact to assign it to.

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Click on Assign next to the Contact and you will be dropped into the Forms In Use page where you can now choose whether to: