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Forms on the Fly
Forms on the Fly

Lead generation forms have evolved

Hate cold calling? Need more leads? Think of Forms on the Fly as your new, on-site, sales advisor. By implementing our intelligent form technology on your website, you can automatically ask your visitors a series of questions designed to find out their needs.

These potential new customers are already on your site every day – your new forms will simply help you engage them, question them, and recommend solutions to them – all 100% automatically – even while you are away from the office!

Forms on the Fly technology allows you to create series of multiple choice questions to identify prospect requirements. Every time a question is answered, you build a better picture of what the visitor needs from you. After the questionnaire is completed, customised advice you’ve pre-defined is provided to your visitor, summarising exactly where you can help. For every form completed you’ll receive an email alert, so when you arrive back in the office you will have the contact details of each hot lead waiting for you. Those nerve-wracking and time-consuming cold calls can be a thing of the past – no more trying to find that needle in a haystack, that single potential prospect, experiencing rejection from call after call. You can call your warmed-up prospects comfortable in the knowledge that they have already reached out to you for help, that you know exactly what they need and be prepared to close the deal!

Using forms on my site helps structure my conversations with prospects and clients and focus on how I can best help them.
Alex Redmond

Forms on the Fly is simple to set up and use – and we help you every step of the way (don’t worry, – even if you don’t have a website, that’s OK too – you can let us host your forms for you). Once everything is in place, you can flick the switch and receive leads straight away. Engage with your existing site visitors, or send the link to your contacts via Facebook or Twitter. Encourage existing customers to send the link out to their contacts, or add the link to your business card. Do everything you can to promote your Forms on the Fly link, and very soon you’ll have warmed up prospects flooding your inbox!

Forms on the Fly can act as your on-site sales advisor for only £7 ($12) a month – it never goes off sick and doesn’t need to take 2 weeks holiday every year. Once set up on your site, it’s there 24/7, ready to ask questions, give advice and deliver hot leads into your inbox. Forms on the Fly offers a 30 day 'no questions' money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose – why not sign up now and set your first form to work today?

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It takes just a minute to find out how lead generation forms have evolved


Forms on the Fly
Let Forms on the Fly be your 24/7 sales person – finding out for you what your visitors want to buy

Forms on the Fly
Guide your prospects to the exact product or service they need

Forms on the Fly
Add a link to your business card and stand out from the crowd

Forms on the Fly
No coding required!

Forms on the Fly
Get started straight away and soon your leads will be dropping into your inbox