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Forms on the Fly
Forms on the Fly

Create fun quizzes to share

Do you love doing the quizzes and questionnaires in magazines? You know the ones – Which personality type are you? Are you really in love? or Which Inbetweeners character are you most like? The type of quiz where you chose an answer, and then at the end have to add up the scores for each answer you gave to find out your results.

With Forms on the Fly you can create your very own versions of these quizzes, tests and questionnaires to share with your friends. And they won't even have to do their own adding up! The system does it for them. Spend some time creating your own quiz from scratch, or pick one from our library, then easily send your quiz out to Facebook or Twitter. Every time someone fills in your form, they'll get their results straight away and you'll get an email letting you know. They will also get the chance to create their own quiz and send it back to you.

We can easily make quizzes that look great and increase the amount of time visitors spend on our site. The hits alone from a recent example show how much our readers loved it.
Lottie Unwin, The Cambridge Tab

There's no limit to the quizzes you can create with Forms on the Fly – all you need to do is to think of some questions, create a list of answers to choose from, a score for each answer and a number of final 'verdicts' based on the answers given. Publish it on your own website or blog, or just send your friends a link to a page we'll host for you, and create a buzz! Answers will come flooding in to your inbox, and you'll learn a lot about your friends!

Form on the Fly is free to join and very easy to use. The variety of quizzes you create are limited only by your imagination! Join today and we'll help you get your first quiz set up.

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Forms on the Fly
Create fun quizzes and questionnaires – send them to your friends to find out what they think

Forms on the Fly
Share your creations on Facebook and Twitter – let the whole world answer your quiz!

Forms on the Fly
Add links to your profiles and stand out from the crowd

Forms on the Fly
No coding required!

Forms on the Fly
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