Can I put forms I build in Forms on the Fly on my website or blog?

Yes, you can. Once you’ve set up a form, you click ‘Publish’ and you’ll be provided with a short piece of html code to paste into any website or blog. Forms on the Fly works well with, for example, Wordpress blogs or websites.
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Can I send out links to my form and share through social media?

Yes – you have the option of creating a link to your form hosted by us for emailing as well as sharing directly through social media including Facebook and Twitter.
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Can I use my own designs for the form and the reports?

With a Premier or Pro subscription you can brand your account, forms and reports with your logo and choice of border colours. If you require further customisation, please contact our Support Team for advice.
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Can I publish ‘anonymous’ forms (I don’t always want to know who filled them in)?

Coming soon for Pro subscribers. For now, all forms require you to request a minimum of an email address.
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Your tools will save us a fortune in programming, but my boss insists we use our company styles and other features – can you help?

If, when your boss says “skip”, logic won’t change his mind, just get in touch and we’ll quote for a bespoke service. You can still impress by showing how much you’ve cut costs by using Forms on the Fly for the form logic!
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Can I export my data?

You can export all your contact data as a CSV file (e.g. to open in Excel) or to import directly into Outlook.
Data from submitted forms can be reported individually, online or in a Word document.
With a Pro account you can export an aggregated report, by form, of all data input.
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WHAT people are saying about forms on the fly ...

"Working with Forms on the Fly was a real pleasure – a great can-do attitude and importantly kept to the budget and tight deadlines. We consider them as a partner and not purely a supplier – they added the personal touch to each project." Gillian Epps, ICLP, Business Operations Director, Europe

"The real beauty of Forms on the Fly is that it puts the technology in the user's hands, enabling you to create your own sophisticated forms, questionnaires and automated reports. The form engine is pretty intuitive, with plenty of on-screen help .... For anyone looking to develop online questionnaires without any computer programming this is a unique and extremely effective tool." Nigel Harris, AccountingWeb

Make It and Mend It quiz

"We wanted an easy to use tool that required no technical knowledge to create quick, fun quizzes for our website. People want to be active online and a quiz is a great engagement tool." the Make It and Mend It team

Medical School questionnaire

"We run communication training modules for the post-graduate programme at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School. Creating quizzes and tests allows students to demonstrate understanding and helps us assess competency levels and flag key areas of interest and concern. The forms are so easy to create and highly flexible – we can divide them into sections, use a combination of response options and we have a record of who's completed them so we can chase slow responders by email directly from the system." CDA Content Strategy & Digital Communications Consultants