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Forms on the Fly
Forms on the Fly

Create your own e-learning tools

Forms on the Fly is a unique solution for creating sophisticated and flexible online educational resources.

Our system has been designed to appeal to teachers, trainers and coaches in a number of ways. You can easily integrate Forms on the Fly technology with your site to provide tests for your online students, complete with feedback based on their answers. Or, alternatively, you can use the system to pre-screen potential course applicants. For example, if you run a series of courses from beginner to advanced, how does the potential applicant know what level to join? By providing a pre-application test on your site, you can direct them to the most appropriate course for their needs, thus avoiding phone call or emails from students expecting you to work it out for them!

Creating tests allows students to demonstrate understanding and helps us rate competency levels and flag key areas of interest on our Medical School courses. These are so easy to create.
Anne Caborn - CDA

Adding a number of tests and quizzes on your site can help increase online course bookings, reduce enquiries about course content and suitability, and eliminate complaints about courses being too easy or too hard. You can also increase the value perception of either on- or off-line courses by providing links to quizzes after the course – encourage your attendees to go home and try the quizzes, and they will find out exactly how much they have really learnt (and so will you!). Best of all, by cleverly adding additional questions to each quiz you can find out what other needs they have and promote further learning by selling additional courses to existing customers.

Add links to your forms within your favourite email marketing tool and you can encourage even more traffic to your forms and increase course take up from both prospective and current students.

Forms on the Fly is easy to set up and costs only £7 ($12) a month for an unlimited number of forms. Try it now, you'll be able to publish your first test in minutes.

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Forms on the Fly
Pre-screen course applicants – reduce admin time and cost

Forms on the Fly
Encourage learning between formal teaching sessions with online testing – increase the value of your courses

Forms on the Fly
Increase revenue per student – cross-promote additional courses to current students

Forms on the Fly
No coding required!

Forms on the Fly
Get started straight away