What's it for?

plane logo CREATING intelligent lead generation forms

Hate cold calling? Need more leads? Think of Forms on the Fly as your new, on-site, sales advisor. By implementing our intelligent form technology on your website, you can automatically ask your visitors a series of questions designed to find out their needs and recommend solutions More


plane logo PUBLISHING fun quizzes and questionnaires to share

Do you love doing the quizzes and questionnaires in magazines? You know the ones – Which personality type are you? Are you really in love? or Which Inbetweeners character are you most like? The type of quiz where you chose an answer, and then at the end have to add up the scores for each answer you gave to find out your results. With Forms on the Fly you can create your very own versions More


plane logo DESIGNING E-learning tools

Forms on the Fly is a complete solution for creating sophisticated and flexible online educational resources. It's simple to create online tests for your students to complete with feedback based on their answers More


plane logo DEVELOPING online diagnostics & assessments

Are you a consultant or advisor who finds yourself asking your new clients the same questions over and over? Are you a trainer, coach or health worker who is still sending out long forms for new patients to complete? Are you a specialist who finds yourself tied up on the phone with potential clients who just aren't suitable for the services your provide? Do you sometimes think the initial advice you offer could be better given automatically, by asking a series of pre-defined questions? More



What could you use it for ... ?

  • Tests
  • Assessments
  • Audits
  • Personality tests
  • ‘Women’s magazine style’ quizzes
  • Knowledge tests for hobbyists
  • Instant product advice
  • Telephone scripts
  • Enquiries
  • Proposals
  • Scripts
  • Promotions
  • Checklists
  • Feedback forms
  • Business, health, wealth & legal diagnostics


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